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Hydrographics other known as Water Transfer printing is a process of applying decorative finishes to rigid and smi-rigid products including METAL, PLASTICS, GLASS, FIBER GLASS, CERAMIC, WOOD, etc without wrinkles, or blemishes.

Image Hydrographics wants to set itself apart from other Hydro-Dipping businesses by providing service to both individuals that want to customize their equipment and manufacturers that want to provide customized products to their customers with out braking the bank.

Additionally we have come to realize that there is a large demand for personalizing equipment, bu people are frustrated with the high cost and long wait time. This technology has not been tapped into yet in California as there are just a handful of businesses.

Our business atmosphere is controlled, clean environment. It helps produce consistent quality and results with a focus on high graphic selection and quick turnaround time. It provides service about and beyond our competitors can offer.