Is the finish durable...?

YES, we use only the heights grade materials. After all items are printed and inspected they receive a HIGH GRADE UV Gloss or Matt clear coat finish. The clear coat are the same as are used in Automotive industry and Marine industries.

Do I need to disassemble my items/parts before bringing it in...?

YES, all parts you are wanting to be Hydro-Dipped need to be completely disassembled and cleaned. All pars should be sent in a "READY TO BE PAINTED" condition. Please be sure to only bring or send in cleaned items. Only send the pieces and parts that you want to be Hydro-Dipped. Image Hydrographics cannot be responsible for the disassembly or reassembly of your items/parts.

Can items be repainted...?

YES, items that are printed can be re-painted without much difficulty.

What types of items can be Hydro-Dipped/Printed...?

A wide variety of flat or Three Dimensional objects and manufacturing materials such as PLASTIC, METAL, WOOD, GLASS, FIBER GLASS, CERAMIC, etc.... can be printed. Everything from sunglasses, to home furniture's to you custom motorcycle, Yates, privet jets, and be Hydro-Dipped with ease.

What is the turnaround time on my items/parts...?

Image Hydrographics make every efforts to have your products decorated and ready to be pricked up from the time we receive it. We want to make sure that everything is prepared, cured and ready to go on the day; This will take 7-10 days.

How much does it cost...?

Due to the unique nature of the custom work, estimates are given on a per item per job basis. The prep time, size and the complexity of the item or items being printed are the main focus for determining cost. Volume orders are also bid individually.

Can we change the color of a pattern...?

YES & NO, some patterns allow for the base tone to be changed so that you can achieve a wide variety of colorful looks. While other patterns such as branded camouflage patterns require us to use a standardized base tone. Also there are different color patterns, but you must have the correct base tone to make it look good.

Can you match a certain paint color I want...?

YES & NO, if you would like a custom color with a film pattern, we will need the exact color code. It is very important to get the correct color code because it's very hard to match a color with a random picture; this is why we ask for the paint code so we know for sure what color you want.


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