Our Water Transfer Printing & Hydro-Dipping processes your individual and single item needs, as well as large custom projects and larger manufacturing projects. Our process is virtually unlimited - Hydro-Dipping can be applied to almost any product or items.

Please make sure if you are shipping your parts, please pack them as tightly as possible securely wrapped and padded, to make sure its not damaged and just like you send them to us we will send it back to you.

All Custom jobs are performed on a quote-basis. Please contact us, we will gladly assist you with any questions you may have. There are no stupid questions.

Image Hydrographics specialized in servicing the needs of customers or manufacturers. We Understand that quality control and timely order fulfillment are the keys to success with large production runs. We use only the heights grade quality products that meet all of the standard of the Automotive, Aircraft, and Marine industries.


Our Hydro-Dipping process is very durable! We use only the highest grade materiel's. After all items are printed they receive a clear coat finish in either a high gloss, or Matt finish. We will help you determine which products will be best suited for your items.


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